I just wanted to take a moment to thank the readers who have taken time out of their day to contact me.

As a writer, I cannot adequately convey how very much it means to hear that my hard work is being enjoyed. I will make every attempt to respond to each and every email I receive.

Please know I will always strive to tell the very best story I can. I do not believe in leaving the reader hanging so all of my stories have a happily ever after ending.

Love and Light,


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In my novel, Spur of the Moment, my heroine, Bronwyn Chase, is faced with a choice many of us must make at one time or another in our lives. Take the easy way out and avoid the pain and sorrow of a difficult situation, or risk it all and take the path less traveled for a chance at a better future. By overcoming years of feeling shut down by the world around her, Bronwyn reaches within herself to find the courage to fight for love by learning to trust another person.

Even though I wrote it, I find myself discovering life lessons in the pages of my novel. Almost as if my subconscious is speaking to me the only way it can get through. I have mentioned that Spur of the Moment mirrors my life in many ways. Until recently, I just never realized how much.

After a second bicycle/car accident in a span of weeks, I have come to believe that life is too short not to take a chance on the unknown. Life is precious and in the grand scheme of things so very fleeting. Why merely exist, when you can really live?

Whether it is a relationship, a dream trip you have always wanted to take, or just sitting down to write a novel, I hope you find the courage within to seize the day

Candace C. Bowen

May 1, 2011