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Candace C. Bowen is the award-winning author of the Knight Series.

As a writer, I cannot adequately convey how very much it means to hear that my hard work is being enjoyed. I will make every attempt to respond to each and every email I receive.

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My name is Candace Corinne Bowen. My parent's chose my given name for its meaning. Candace means, 'Glowing,' and Corinne means, 'Maiden.' I often wonder if that's where my fascination for medieval history comes from.

After years of toying with the idea, it was an unhappy marriage that led me to start my first novel. Having just published my ninth story, I consider myself blessed to have such an escape.

Several people have asked me where my ideas come from so I thought I would briefly share the workings of my slightly quirky mind. Being a visually oriented person, I often find inspiration in the strangest of places.

The plot for my first novel came to me the night I watched Marlee Matlin's debut on Dancing with the Stars. The image of a deaf actress dancing so beautifully to music she could not hear left a profound impression on me. Building on that image with my love for both history and romance, A Knight of Silence is a tribute to all people brave enough to dance to their own tunes.

The idea for Spur of the Moment and its sequel, Wicked Embers,came to me unexpectedly. A collector of all things Medieval Europe, I purchased a pair of centuries-old religious medals. As I held them, a story formed in my mind. Tossing and rejecting several ideas that would believably transport my heroine to twelfth century Tintagel, a silver knight’s spur popped into my head. The rest of the story came to me as I was writing, sometimes faster than I could type.

The idea for Jack of Hearts came to me over dinner with friends. Talking over a Jack the Ripper movie, the idea for a romantic suspense story surrounding the family of Jack’s last victim was just there.

I do not use outlines and am completely lost when it comes to some of the terminology used by other authors. I simply come up with an idea for a story and put it on paper. The fact that people seem to like my ideas is surreal and means a lot to me.

My often overly brutal critique team consists of my mom and sister-in-law. If I receive their stamp of approval, I know I am onto something. Nervous by nature, I often hide behind humor. My mom believes I get my sarcastic sense of humor from my dad. Somehow, I do not think she means it as a compliment.

I live with my son and adopted cat in South Florida, but my heart has always been elsewhere. The best word to describe me is loyal. If I see a wrong, chances are I will leap before looking.

There is one last thing you should know about Candace C. Bowen. Unlike life, every story I write has a happy-ending