Five Part


Voted 2010 Gatekeeper Romance

eBook of the Year - Huffington Post

Reina of Kenwick knows a lot about adversity. Deaf from a childhood illness, she is about to be banished to a convent by her cold and distant father.

Baron Fulke of Erlegh has a tragic past. Throwing himself into a life of battle and debauchery, he gains the notice of King Henry I.

King Henry is a changed man since losing his only legitimate son and heir in the White Ship sinking. Determined to crown his daughter the first queen of England, he seeks advantage over his opposition by using Reina's unique ability to lip-read.

In a battle between love and loyalty, Fulke and his courageous band of knights enact a plan that will either free Reina from the king's grip or see all of them executed for treason.

An attraction too great to deny...a misunderstanding gone horribly awry... 

Narrowly escaping King Henry's wrath, Sir Albin fights temptation in the form of the innkeeper's young wife.

Forced into adulthood at an early age, Lecie of Rochester dares to dream of a life with the handsome knight. Unjustly accused of murder, she finds herself at the end of a noose with time running out.

In a battle for life itself, the two lovers struggle to right the wrongs that would separate them forever.

An undeniable love... a man with the power to destroy a family...    

King Henry I's Chief Itinerant Justice is used to getting what he wants. Laying claim to the Sheriff of Rochester's innocent daughter, he believes no one would dare stand in his way.

After discovering the demise of the justice's former wives, Talan sets aside his honorable intentions to accept the corrupt lawman's unspoken challenge. Determined to flee with Mylla into the wilds of Wales, his fellow knights devise a risky plan to save one of their own.

It takes a broken soul to heal another's...

Brutally attacked as a child by a knife wielding assailant, Liliana spent her formative years hidden beneath a veil. Physically scarred and mentally broken it would take a man equally broken to free her from herself.

Once again back in the good graces of King Henry I, Baron Fulke of Erlegh and his extended family plan for a royal wedding in France and look forward to a future filled with peace.

Gervase, the most handsome and reckless of the Erlegh knights has other ideas. Drawn to the mysterious Liliana, he puts them all at risk when he is determined to discover her secret in an act of defiance.

Family does not come from blood, it comes from the heart that pumps it...


Forced to leave Isobel behind to become an Erlegh Knight, Guy keeps his promise and returns to Normandy. Discovering his childhood friend living a reclusive life on the outskirts of the village, he sets out on a quest to uncover the truth from the people who were well paid to look after her.


Isobel's childhood ended the day Guy sailed for England. Fearing she would ruin his chance at a better life, she kept her troubles to herself. After years of suffering at the hands of her guardians a tragic event leads her to a deplorable existence

In the fulfilling conclusion to Candace C. Bowen's five part award-winning Knight Series, the knights and ladies of Castell Maen unite to save Isobel from the memories that threaten to destroy her only chance at happiness with Guy.